Protect internal components while maintaining image quality

If there is no need for specific range detection, but rather to protect the internal components of the camera, such as the circuitry or the detector, which are fragile. For this purpose, IR Windows filters are used. These filters allow maximum transmission (so the image quality is not affected) while isolating the interior from the exterior.

Our windows’ resilience to direct exposure to seawater makes them suitable for marine applications, such as onboard firefighting equipment on ships or offshore platforms. Additionally, they can withstand very high temperatures, do not degrade because we use only silicon, and function perfectly even in environments with 100% humidity.




Our windows excel in various challenging conditions:

  • They thrive in harsh environments with high temperatures and humidity due to their lack of layered construction, ensuring they don’t peel, degrade, or age.
  • Additionally, they are resilient in dusty or corrosive environments, allowing for easy cleaning with water or alcohol by personnel without compromising their service life or longevity.


Our disruptive application for these windows introduces groundbreaking features that redefine performance standards:

  • Immune to direct exposure to seawater for extended periods, with proven resilience lasting at least one month. This unparalleled durability ensures sustained functionality even in the harshest marine environments.
  • Boasting an ultra-thin profile of merely 300 micrometers, these windows represent a significant advancement in compact design. Their slim form factor enables seamless integration into various optical systems without compromising on performance.
  • With minimal heat absorption properties, our windows ensure optimal thermal management, maintaining stable operating temperatures even under intense environmental conditions. This remarkable feature enhances overall system reliability and longevity, making our windows the ideal choice for demanding applications in diverse industries.

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