Mapsi Photonics Celebrates Grand Opening of New Office in Sabadell

Mapsi Photonics SL Announces Grand Opening of New Office in Sabadell

Sabadell, Spain – Mapsi Photonics SL proudly announces the grand opening of
its new office in Sabadell. This milestone represents a crucial step in expanding
our operations and enhancing our development and production capacity in the
infrared detection market.

The grand opening ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024. This
new facility underscores our commitment to innovation and growth, backed by a
solid history of research and development in photonics technology.

Established as a spin-off from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in
June 2021, Mapsi was founded by David Cardador Maza and Daniel Segura
García, who began their respective PhD theses in macroporous silicon
photonics for mid-infrared selection in 2014, marking the inception of what is
now Mapsi Photonics.

Focused on the infrared sensing market, Mapsi covers areas such as gas
detection, thermal vision, and biodetection. We aim to provide reliable, durable,
and accurate detection solutions, even in challenging environments. Our
disruptive technology not only enhances the optical performance of current
solutions but also reduces costs and offers unique properties that drive
miniaturization and sensitivity in infrared detection.

«This new office represents a qualitative leap for Mapsi Photonics», says David
Cardador Maza, CEO. «It will allow us to expand our team, boost R&D, and
more efficiently meet the growing demand for our innovative filters.»
In addition to our technological advancements, Mapsi Photonics is committed to
sustainability by reducing emissions and minimizing the social impact
associated with the extraction of exotic minerals. We prioritize the use of silicon
and employ sustainable production methods while upholding social
responsibility in our business practices.

The expansion to Sabadell strengthens our presence in the Spanish market and
positions us better to meet the global demand for advanced infrared detection
technologies. We thank our investors and partners for their continued support
and look forward to the opportunities this new phase will bring.

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