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MWIR-LWIR Selective Thermal Emitters

“Looking for cost-effective emitters in the MWIR and LWIR regions? Well, thermal emitters or LEDs are your possible solutions… Searching for high-power pulsedemission? Then only thermal emitters suffice… And if you’re also seeking selective emission, Mapsi’s selective thermal emitters are your only solution! Our innovative macroporous silicon technology unlocks the ultimate solution: cost-effective, efficient, and …

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Microelectronic and electrochemical process technician

THE COMPANY At Mapsi Photonics we are manufacturers of optical filters for high resolution infrared applications and muchmore. In the coming years we will expand in the infrared market with new products and also go into other veryinteresting applications in water purification or biodetection. Do you want to be part of an innovative, dynamicand value-driven …

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