Mapsi Photonics at Vía Empresa

We’re thrilled to share our recent feature in VIA empresa, where our innovative strides in reshaping the infrared market have been spotlighted.

Derived from groundbreaking research conducted at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), our technology leverages silicon in optical filters, enabling precise detection of temperatures, gases, and more through infrared technology. Unlike conventional multilayered filters, our silicon-based filters offer superior performance by eliminating adhesion issues and providing exceptional resolution at a lower cost.

Supported by prominent accelerators such as Barcelona Activa and recent investments, including a successful 250,000 euro funding round, we’re steadily advancing towards commercialization. Pilot tests are currently underway, with plans for product launches slated for later this year. This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment in our journey, as we prepare to introduce our innovative solutions to the market.

Excited for the future, we’re not stopping here. With a keen eye on expanding our technology’s applications, particularly in gas detection, we’re exploring the potential of porous filters to enhance effectiveness further. Our vision extends beyond revolutionizing the infrared market—we aim to make a meaningful impact across industries, driving progress and innovation forward.

Read more about our journey and groundbreaking technology here: Mapsi Photonics, l’empresa que revolucionarà el mercat dels infrarojos ( and join us as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation!

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