Mapsi Photonics at La Vanguardia

We are pleased to announce that yesterday an almost one-page article about Mapsi Photonics was published in the ‘Money’ supplement of La Vanguardia! The article explains very well what we do, where we are and what we want to do. In this sense, we are very grateful for the great communication work that La Vanguardia has done!!!

The only small downside we find is the headline. At Mapsi Photonics we manufacture filters that can improve explosive gas detection in industry, fire detection, night vision or medical applications, among many other applications.

We believe that the title is simplistic and does not represent what we do at Mapsi Photonics because it particularizes a very specific application in medicine.

Sure our optical elements will help better detection in biomedical applications, but for now it is not our main focus. We wanted to clarify this point and share with you this article about Mapsi Photonics for whoever is interested.

Many thanks to La Vanguardia for giving us this visibility and to everyone who is making Mapsi Photonics gain momentum!!

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